“A framework containing the basic assumptions, ways of thinking, and methodology that are commonly accepted”

Progress is made when a paradigm is…



The New Paradigm

The Current Paradigm: Throw Away Filters
Thrown away oil filters

Why Change?

  • What to do with used, toxic filters?
  • 40% weight of used filter is toxic oil
  • Oil from 1 filter can contaminate million gallons of water*
  • Millions of filters disposed of yearly
  • Expense of safely throwing away filters

* EPA Source
The New Paradigm: The Eco Filtration System

Reusable Oil Filters That Last For Years!

  • Reusable, no disposal required
  • Save $, use same filter 4 Years
  • Reduce overhead
  • No toxic waste in landfills
  • No disposal expense
  • Recycle metal of retired filter
  • Sustainable technology

The New Paradigm The Eco Flow System