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Fuel Analysis


Founded in 1984, Tribologik Corporation USA has over 30 years experience in used oil, coolant, fuel, grease and filter analysis and figures amongst the most experienced oil testing laboratories in North America. Over these years, they have processed millions of tests of all types.

Not only do they have an extensive amount of experience, but they have developed an expert system. This expert system called Tribologik®, contains information from testing data and fixed limits of dozens of maintenance manuals from equipment manufacturers (Cummins, Komatsu, Volvo etc.) and most major global and independent oil manufacturers and distributors including but not limited to Suncor/PetroCanada, Shell, Exxon Mobil, YPF, AMSOIL, etc.

Specific manufacturers’ limits for normal, marginal and critical will be provided upon request and are programmed in a customized fashion. They also offer dynamic limits which are based on individual machines tested. Over these 30 plus years, they have absorbed the factual knowledge of hundreds of maintenance managers, chemists and engineers from all types of equipment. Currently there are over 2,500 rules and growing based on tens of thousands of possibilities compromising the expert system giving uniformity in all reports regardless of who is reviewing them.

Their laboratory is able to evaluate and compare the serviceability of new and used lubricating oils, maintain a history of previous analysis results, and provide comparative analysis containing new product data, and previous sample data, with each analysis report. The Tribologik® database continues to grow with each new test, each new reference oil sample and each newly analysed piece of equipment, and it includes results of the comments and discussions with the maintenance managers/engineers of their clients. It is this combination of data, limits, rules and algorithms that build up the core and architecture of the expert system that they have developed throughout these years and that possesses the capability of generating their unique fluid analysis reports.