The Eco Filtration System™ Filters

Designed by filter engineers with more than 40 years serving as experts in the filtration field, Eco Filtration filters surpass all OEM specifications. Eco Filtration filter media is proprietary constructed stainless steel media with a stainless steel center tube for strength, giving the filters a full flow s/s media with an “Absolute 15 micron” filter rating. Most conventional filters are paper or cellulose media type filters and have a nominal micron rating of no less than 25 microns and as high as 40 microns. Eco Filtration filters are designed to last for 4 years, replacing approximately 15-25 conventional throw-away filters during that lifecycle, saving on disposal costs and becoming more environmentally friendly through waste reduction.

Eco Filtration filters have far exceeded many tests, including SAE J1858 Multipass Test, SAE HS806 Resistance to Flow Test, SAE ARP1400 Rev.B Burst Rate Test, 5 Gas Analyzer Test. These tests have shown the following results:

  • 40% more oil flow area, allowing the engine to receive highly efficient filtration
  • Lower pressure drop and higher contaminant holding capacity
  • Up to 40% lower oil flow restriction
  • Flow rate @ 150 pm Efficiency @ 99% @15um

Eco Filtration Reusable Oil Filter

The Heart of Eco Filtration Filters

  • S/S media filters to an absolute 15 micron
  • Spiral inner core provides strength
  • Out performs paper filters
  • Designed for precision filtration
  • Superior oil flow

“Today, most low-cost disposable spin-on oil filters use cellulose filter media. Better quality oil filters use synthetic media, while Top end oil filters use “MicroGlass” or extremely Fine Metal Mesh.

“Abrasive engine wear can be substantially reduced with an increase in filter single pass efficiency. Compared to a 40 micron filter, engine wear was reduced by 50 percent with 30 micron filtration. Likewise, wear was reduced by 70 percent with 15 micron filtration.”
Society of Automotive Engineers, Paper number 881825