DPF Specialties, LLCDPF Specialties, LLC specializes in cleaning and recovering Diesel Particulate Filters, Catalyst and all EGR Components. Investing hundreds of thousands of dollars can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars when maintained improperly.  Over, time Diesel Particulate Filters as well as Emission Exhaust Components can become restrictive or plugged and cause numerous fault codes and eventually engine malfunctions. Regular service intervals are a necessity to prevent numerous problems such as excessive fuel consumption to serious engine damage.

Although there are other companies using other cleaning methods, the most advanced and unique cleaning process to assure better than 90% clean filters is by using our State of the Art Ultrasonic Cleaning Method. Ultrasonic cleaning is by far the most advanced and complete cleaning method to assure that your DPF is better than 90% renewed and ready to put back into service. We take pride in providing our fleets and customers with the assurance that they can be certain they are getting the most advanced cleaning technology in the industry.

Let DPF Specialties handle all of your fleet’s DPF, Catalyst and EGR cleaning needs and rest assured you will be getting the best in the industry. Pick up and delivery for fleets located within 20 miles of our facilities, located on the East coast and Mid-West.

DPF,LLC is a subsidiary company of Eco Flow.

There must be a reason why Detroit Diesel's re-manufactured DPF Filters are cleaned and certified by using Ultrasonic Cleaning!

Diesel Particulate Filters
Diesel Particulate Filters
Better known as DPF’s are designed to run up to 500,000 miles so long as they are properly maintained, and conditions are IDEAL.

  • Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel is used continuously
  • CJ-4 Low Ash Oil is used
  • “Regeneration” of a DPF does not clean the entire filter, burning off the Soot leaves ASH residue in the filter, ASH will not burn, therefore the DPF must be removed and properly cleaned
  • The DPF must be regularly maintained on a high quality cleaning program (approx. every 100,000 miles)
  • The cost of a new DPF ranges from $3,000-$5,000
  • The cost to have the DPF cleaned is approx. $350-$500

This makes regular cleaning of DPF’s a good practice. Tests have proven, that using compressed air and thermal baking of DPF’s WILL NOT clean the filter more than 60-70% clean, using our State of the Art Ultrasonic cleaning system will return any DPF back to 90-98% renewed.
Results From Our State of the Art Ultrasonic Cleaning Method
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