Environmental Benefits

  • Tests have proven that up to 4 ozs. of used oil remains in every filter, this is even after the recommended draining procedure
  • Nearly 50 million gallons of used oil is disposed in our land and landfills in the US every year
  • Nearly 2 billion used oil filters are disposed of every year in the US alone

Eco Flow Reusable Oil Filter

Business Benefits

  • Life cycle of 4 years using same filter saves money
  • Save 20-25% over current filter costs
  • No environmental impact costs
  • Eco Filtration filters are tested and proven to last 4 years (replacing 20-24 paper media filters)

Become Better Environmental Stewards

  • One gallon toxic oil = 1 million gallons water pollution*
  • 2 million gallons toxic oil dumped annually*
  • 25,000 tons of metal & contaminated paper lost annually*
  • Power of becoming a “paradigm pioneer”
  • Join the growing ranks of “Green” Companies

*EPA Sources