Eco Filtration proudly introduces a complete line of cost effective, environmentally safe and reusable oil filters, reusable fuel filters and oil recycling equipment. Our patent pending systems save money, solve long-standing problems, and are responsive to environmental concerns worldwide.

The Eco Filtration System™ Advantage

  • The first environmentally sustainable (Green) way to handle oil & fuel filters
  • Uses technologically advanced cleaning to reuse filters for 4 years
  • Eliminates the need to dispose of toxic used oil & fuel filters
  • Saves valuable metal resources that can be recycled after 4 years

Eco Flow Reusable Oil Filter

What Makes Up The Eco Filtration System™?
The Eco Filtration System is a system comprised of the Eco Filtration renewable filters, cleaning machine, and fluid analysis working in synergy to protect the environment.

“When it comes to the environment we display our concern. Eco Filtration has taken significant action to reduce environmental damage, save energy, and contribute to securing a clean future. Discover what we’ve done in detail.”
Rob Turner, President Eco Filtration

Diesel Particulate Filters

DPF Specialties, LLC  a subsidiary of Eco Filtration, LLC

Specializing in cleaning and recovering Diesel Particulate Filters, Catalyst and all EGR components. Using our State Of The Art Ultrasonic Cleaning Method we are able to return any DPF back to 90-98% renewed.

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